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[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/writing.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Web┬áDesign”]From a full revamp of your website, to an update to your blog, I can make it look fresh and new. [/bra_icon_box]

[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/print.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Print”]Need a brochure or newsletter? Need some marketing materials for potential clients or donors? I’ve got you covered.[/bra_icon_box]
[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/chemestry.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Branding”]Does your logo need a refresh? Need a new look for your company or nonprofit? I will work with you to find the best way to communicate your message. [/bra_icon_box]
[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/video.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Digital Video”]Motion graphics, videos for the web, short form documentaries – I have experience in them all.[/bra_icon_box]


[bra_portfolio title=”Recent work” cat_id=”23″ no=”4″ show_filters=”no” columns=”4″ shape=”hexagon”]

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